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4 Reasons To Love Extended Breastfeeding

Thanks for hopping over from My Thoughts On Things and welcome to my post for the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt Day 5 Extended Breastfeeding we have over £700 worth of breastfeeding and baby goodies up for grabs including prizes from More4Mums providing a set of ‘Hot Milk’ Lingerie, a signed hardback limited edition copy of Milky Moments and a £30 voucher from Milk Chic  Full details of the Grand Prize can be found here and all entries to be completed via the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.


I’ve been breastfeeding now for over four years straight. Before I started I never would have believed I’d be here, and before I had my second I thought a little breastfeeding break between them would be nice (didn’t happen!) but now, breastfeeding or not is the last thing on my mind when I debate whether to have a third child. If I was rich enough to have a co-parent home with me all the time or a nanny to work along side me so I could get some free time here and there I’d be happy to move right on to breast feeding another. I bet I could reach 10 years straight with no trouble!

So it’s safe to say I am PRO extended breastfeeding, for as long as everyone is happy. Here’s why:

1 – Immunity: Last winter my 4 year old and my husband got the flu but because I’d had a jab, my 2 year old and I did not! I’ll make sure the eldest has her immunisation this year (and hubby says he’ll pay for one for himself because he does not want to have that again!) but that experience was a crash course in “Breastfeeding Immunity!”

2 – Time: Does it make me a bad mother that when I’m sat at my laptop (usually blogging but sometimes just surfing or reading) little E gets onto my lap and my automatic response is to get my tit out? Because otherwise she starts banging at the keys or asking to watch turtles on youtube and I’m already tired of watching turtles on youtube. I’m also a little damaged from finding out on Google images that people eat guinea pigs and trying to avoid images of dogs with injuries. Anyway, she speaks in sentences already at just over two, so I do talk to her sometimes I assure you!

3 – Connection: She feels connected through breastfeeding just as much as if we had a conversation anyway. I can tell because sometimes she comes up and is only here for 30 seconds before she runs off back to play with her sister or watch whatever is on the television. Yes. They watch television. Probably too much, but so did I and I think most people I come across are dim, so I’m sure they’ll be ok. My kids watch Dora, have you seen the number of Phd consultants Dora the Explorer has? Do you know what I watched? Thundercats and the Smurfs. Ugh. I might have been cleverer and probably even more misanthropic. That would have been brilliant.

4 – Time: “Sorry couldn’t do the dishes today, the toddler must be having a growth spurt!”

5 – Calories: I don’t know what I’m going to do when she stops. Oh yeah. I’m going to gain weight.

6 – Time: “Sorry, I can’t help you with the washing right now, the toddler needs me…”

7 – Calories: I don’t know what she’s going to do when she stops breastfeeding. Oh yeah, she’s going to have to eat some food!

8 – Connection: On a serious note, the reason I really am still going strong and will until I can’t anymore is just because I know that breastfeeding for her is a big, comfy cuddle. I can’t say no to a feed any more than I can say no to a regular cuddle or the request to read a book to her. I don’t want to do anything that makes her feel rejected.

So there you have it, eight good reasons to keep on going. Four if you want to be militant about it, but I don’t recommended being militant about anything.

For more extended breastfeeding experiences please hop on over to Live Oxfordshire where you can gain further entries into the grand prize draw. Full terms and conditions can be found on the Keeping Britain Breastfeeding website. UK residents only.


Featured image (edited from) Mothering Touch on Flickr

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