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“This election is a Live or Die one!”

“The Conservatives’ proposals for welfare reform are grounded in the rhetoric of the idle poor rather than the reality of low-paid, hardworking families. George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith wrote in their article for the Daily Mail that the burden of £10bn in welfare cuts will be borne by jobless parents with large families and unemployed youngsters.” Found in a Guardian article, Conservative strike on welfare shows a nasty authoritarian streak


They always like to talk like these people we are cutting off are unworthy of any support. ‘Don’t worry about them, they are scum anyway,’ is the implication. But anyone with any empathy will realise these are people. Real, live, human people. As a person with empathy, I don’t care if they refuse to work and want to sit on their asses all day and eat crisps. There’s probably a reason for that. Usually it has to do with a really crappy childhood or some learned helplessness along the way.


An article in the Independent says, “single parents relying on income support are being threatened by Jobcentre Plus staff with losing an initial 20 per cent of their benefits even though they are not required to look for work. Similar warnings were issued to lone parents with children under three, even though they do not have to prepare to enter the job market.” Apparently a DWP “spokesman said: “We are giving lone parents more help than ever before to move into work and the employment rate for lone parents is now at a record high. Sanctions are a necessary part of the benefits system but they are only used as a last resort for a tiny minority who don’t follow the rules and hardship payments are available if people need them.”’ However have a look below at the comment of one ex-DWP worker.


Here is what some people who have dealt with the system have to say:

I blame the early demise of my best friend on benefit sanctions and have experienced first hand the farcical nightmare of going without heating, electric, food, rent arrears, the threat of being homeless, bailiffs wanting to seize goods and assets I don’t have and increasing health problems on the time and humiliation it takes for claims to be dealt with. If the support was there when needed, I’d be better equipped to do something worthwhile and fell like I had a purpose and some self worth in life! Disgusted :(“

I work at a food bank and was speaking to a man on Tuesday 10 3 .15, who had been diagnosed with cancer in his kidneys .He is going to have an operation and is very worried. But still is harassed by the jobcentre when he has got so much else on his mind. (family man).”

“My mental health suffered because of the stigma and culture of contempt. I contemplated suicide. Eventually I decided it would be healthier not to claim benefits, and stopped them.”

“Ironically I am an ex JCP worker and I know for a fact that managers willfully hide stats when the shit hits the fan and someone dies. We had no control over what to do – forced to meet targets that were unnattainable unless clients were sanctioned for trivial reasons such as late by 5 mins. I would not work to this and ended up being sacked for bad attendance despite being disabled!!!! So much for Equal Opportunity Employer!”

“This “government” cannot win the next election – our lives depend on this. Anyone on benefits, especially the disabled, will suffer so greatly that suicide will become a normal thing to do. This election is a Live or Die one!”


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